• Definition

    Main setUwatela is an abstract construction set.

    You can use the pieces to create shapes that look like something else, or resemble nothing at all.

    Doodle in 3D. Trigger your creativity. Decorate your space with your own constructions.

  • Audience

    no babyUwatela is for grown-ups!

    The pieces are strong, but can be broken. They are a choking hazard, and not food safe.

    Please be responsible. Don't let small children, or pets play with your Uwatela set.

  • Origin

    Early Uwatela piecesDuring some experiments, printing “clickable part designs” on my Makerbot 3D printer I found myself playing with the test pieces.

    I spent so much time playing around I forgot the original project, and continued developing these pieces. The result is Uwatela.

  • Creation

    BlenderThe Uwatela environment was created inside Blender 3D. Here all pieces are generated (grown) by a Python script/program.

    The pieces are printed on a Makerbot Replicator 1 3D Printer in ABS plastic.

    An 8 piece set takes 2 hours to print.

  • Glossary

    • Uwatela

      AcaciaThe Zulu word for Acacia.

      The Acacia tree is known as an invasive species. Once it finds it's way into an environment, it is very hard to get rid of it.

    • Ukwanda

      The Zulu word for weeds, or rampant growth. When used here it stands for sets of pieces that are generated in the computer at random for the ultimate Uwatela experience.

  • Press

  • Elephant set

    Elephant setMake an Elephant!

    This set consists of 9 pieces that make up the biggest land animal in the world! Can you find the shape on your own?

    See more pictures here

    e-mail to purchase


  • Standard set

    Standard set8 Hand picked pieces

    This set is the perfect starter or expansion and gives you great creative freedom.

    You are only limited by your imagination!

    See more pictures here

    e-mail to purchase


  • Ukwanda

    16 Unique pieces grown in the Uwatela environment just for you!

    The Ukwanda set is for those who want the most freedom, and are not afraid to experiment. The shapes of the pieces are defined by the system, so you never know quite what you get. You can combine an Ukwanda set with any of the other sets, or with any number of Ukwanda sets to give you the ultimate Uwatela experience.

Every set comes with a linnen bag and a mini manual.


Connect the nodes (ends) of two pieces to each other.

Connect the node of one piece to the side of another piece.


Uwatela is a project by macouno © 2014.

MacounoDutch maker/artist Macouno has been working with 3D and generative design for over a decade. You can find more information on his website